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Master the building blocks of forex trading with our expertise throughout in a way to profitable trading.

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Online Class

This class is designed based on your current knowledge and experience about the Forex market and we create a simple to learn plan to maximise your learning opportunities. $400

Physical Class

We select between 30-35 individuals and deliver a compressive in-person experience. This allows students to learn face to face alongside our senior traders and network amongst other like-minded students. $500

Mentorship Class

Our Mentorship Class is perfect for our students that have undertaken any of the above courses, It literally polishes up every lesson learnt on Trading Psychology and Discipline in trading. $300

Risk Management

An in-depth look at the how best one can reduce the burden of giving back to the market after attaining a profit. $100

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Student from Najjera

DollarBill ranks Best in Class for Professional traders.


Student from Fort Portal

Provides a unique set of volatility protection tools for managing risk.


Student from Arua

Took the online course recently & must say I'm impressed with the effort & quality of service. Keep it up.


Trader from Namungoona

These guys shine in their ability to bring like-minded traders together to discuss ideas & strategies.

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